Purchasing a Halter

Leather vs. Nylon/Polyester; The Pros and Cons to both

Horse owners of today have such a wide variety to choose from, no matter what it is they are looking for. And with the internet making it easier than ever to have immediate access to the goods we desire, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with the choices. We believe the best decision is an informed decision, even with something as simple and as widely used as a halter. So let’s discuss the pros and cons to each style.

The Poly-Nylon Halter:

These halters are generally less expensive, are strong, and offer a degree of control which is necessary when you are still working the behavioral “kinks” out of your horse. These are all great advantages to consider. The “con” (or downside) to this is that the strength and durability can also be detrimental, for instance, a horse that is tied with a nylon halter can injure itself if the halter gets tangled or caught on an obstacle, this could lead to serious injury. So while they are perfect things for leading your horse, from the barn to pasture, or vice versa, or riding your horse. We do not recommend putting them a horse that will be unsupervised for any length of time.

The Leather Halter:

Leather halters do come at a higher price point; that is the “Con” (or the downside); so, let’s just get that said right away. However, they are considered safer than nylon halters. Natural leather halters (All of our leather halters are genuine leather, not synthetic) are considered breakaway halters this means they are designed to break if a horse gets their halter tangled or caught-up on something.

You can see there are benefits to both styles, as well as some things to take into consideration. We hope this helps you to make the right decision when purchasing tack. Please remember we are always here to answer any questions and guide towards equipping your horse the best way possible!

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