How To Choose The Best Horse Collar

Roping Collar? Tripping Collar? Pulling Collar? What’s the Difference?

Are you relatively new to horse ownership? Or maybe you are exploring new and different avenues with your horse. When looking to purchase tack it can be overwhelming. There is so much to choose from, and it looks much the same to an untrained eye. Let’s see if we can help sort some things out.

  1. What Does a Tripping Collar do? A Tripping collar is not just for looks, but also a useful tack item used to enhance your horse’s performance. It does this with strength as well as style. It is wider to help distribute the pressure over a larger area of the horse’s chest without restricting shoulder movement. The larger surface also allows more room to express yourself through color, and gemstones, making this a fast-growing favorite particularly with team ropers, steer trippers, and calf ropers.
  2. Why Choose a Roping Collar? Roper Breast collars are the perfect choice for all around use. They are built to hold up to the most vigorous work while still being fashionable with a timeless look. They are a great choice if you’re looking for a breast collar that can handle the pressure of everyday use.
  3. When does it call for a Pulling Collar? A Pulling Collar sits just above the line of a horse’s shoulders and buckles around the pommel of the saddle. This allows the horse more freedom of shoulder movement and better leverage when roping and pulling cows, doing ranch work, and navigating treacherous terrain.

We hope this helps you to make the right decision when purchasing tack. Please remember we are always here to answer any questions and guide towards equipping your horse the best way possible!

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