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Purchasing a Halter

Leather vs. Nylon/Polyester; The Pros and Cons to both Horse owners of today have such a wide variety to choose from, no matter what it is they are looking for. And with the internet making it easier than ever to have immediate access to the goods we desire, sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed with the…

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Choosing the Right Grooming Tools

Grooming a horse takes considerable effort! Anyone who has done so will tell you. And anyone who has done it for years will tell you that having the right brush makes a world of difference! Here are some things to consider when choosing the right brush for the right job. Bristle Length: Longer bristles are…

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How To Choose The Best Horse Collar

Roping Collar? Tripping Collar? Pulling Collar? What’s the Difference? Are you relatively new to horse ownership? Or maybe you are exploring new and different avenues with your horse. When looking to purchase tack it can be overwhelming. There is so much to choose from, and it looks much the same to an untrained eye. Let’s…

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A Collar for Your Pet

A Collar for Your Pet and Finding just the right one Flat or Rolled collars: By far the most common collar is the flat or rolled collar that fastens with a plastic clip or a buckle. These collars are the most convenient to slip on and off and are handy because they can hold your dog’s identification,…

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